The new Ben & Jerry’s flavor has a serious world-saving mission

When you think about climate change, you probably don’t think about ice cream. But now, thanks to our go-to ice cream friends, Ben & Jerry, dessert and planet-saving go hand-in-hand. The ice cream mavens are rolling out a brand new flavor with a very important message, and there are chunks of chocolate fudge swirled in to boot.

Ben & Jerry’s is known for its amazingly named ice cream — and downright delicious flavors – but instead of a pop culture homage (like “Americone Dream”) this time the guys are looking to tackle something that needs an immediate call to action: Climate change. The new ice cream flavor is called Save Our Swirled, and it will urge ice cream consumers to sign a petition organized by the international organization, Avaaz.

“At Ben & Jerry’s, we believe that climate change is a structural problem in need of a political solution. That means all of us working together,” the duo write in a statement on their website. “Join Avaaz, Ben & Jerry’s and the millions of citizens from around the world who are calling on leaders of the developed nations and the UN to tackle climate change.”

Using ice cream to fight climate change might seem like a lofty goal, but Ben & Jerry’s is all about getting it done. Not only is their partnership with Avaaz in place, but as a representative for the company told Refinery29, “the standard Ben & Jerry’s royalties from all sales of Save our Swirled will go to support our partners in the global climate movement.” Every little bit counts when it comes to climate change, and if Ben & Jerry are the guys to start a fresh conversation, we’re all about it.

OK, but what kind of ice cream is Save Our Swirled? It’s raspberry ice cream, with raspberry and marshmallows swirls, sprinkled with chunks of white and dark chocolate fudge. So whether you’re someone who eats it out of the pint, or actually transfers it into a bowl, know that a spoon of Save our Swirled will actually go a long way.

Image via here.