Get to know our new astrologer, Lisa Stardust

When it comes to your latest weekly horoscope, details about your sun sign, or info on how the upcoming planetary movements are going to impact your love life, HelloGiggles has you covered. And recently, we’ve gleaned most of that cosmic insight from our new astrologer, Lisa Stardust. You may have already peeped her byline in stories discussing how Saturn entering Aquarius is seriously going to impact how we define our romantic relationships, or noticed her infinite astrological wisdom referenced in our interviews about what your zodiac sign says about your love life.

Though Stardust is queen of the hustle, lending her star-studded advice to an impressive repertoire of outlets and blogs, like Cosmopolitan, Teen Vogue, and Refinery29, she also makes time to post plenty of accurate AF pop culture and astrology crossover memes on her Instagram. She brings her wit and straightforward commentary to all of her posts, and we are so excited to welcome her to HG! To get to know her better, we asked Stardust a few questions about her astrology background and her own natal chart.

What’s your Sun sign?

I’m a Gemini Sun, but I relate more to my Sagittarius Moon. I’m a Full Moon baby, which means I take on more of the energy of my Moon. I believe in enlightenment, honesty, and am always looking to rev up my own philosophies.

What quality of your moon sign do you most embody?

I am always seeking truth and justice, not only for myself, but for all. I also love to learn and understand others on a deeper level, as I never shy away from expanding my mind.

What part of your natal chart most accurately describes you?

My Sag Moon allows me to live and let live. I don’t hold grudges, but when I’m reminded of a situation, I like to resolve the matter peacefully.

How and why did you get into astrology?

I always had an interest in the cosmos. My first grade science teacher taught me about the constellations, which led me to purchase my own telescope (with the money I saved from selling candy to my neighbors). My dad and I used to stargaze and map out the constellations.

What can HG’s readers expect from you?

I blend humor into my writing and take a deeper look when explaining the overall vibe. I also offer advice on how to navigate through the energies too. Astrology should be something everyone can understand and relate to.

What was your most Sag Moon moment this week?

Learning tai chi on YouTube while social distancing.

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