The new app, MikMak, just reinvented online shopping

In 1982, man made the first informercial and introduced the world to the glory of televised shopping. Now, 33 years later, one woman has taken video shopping to the next level and we couldn’t be more excited about it.

Introducing MikMak, the first mobile video shopping network. The app, which officially launched today, was created by Rachel Tipograph, former Global Director of Digital and Social Media at Gap and one of Forbes’ “30 under 30 who are changing the world.” Tipograph’s new app has made informercials cool again, by providing kickass, utterly addictive videos that also function as online shopping malls.

In 30 seconds bursts, users can shop for a wide range of products from accessories, jewelry, and beauty, to home good, gadgets, and kitchenware, all for under $100. These quick infomercials, dubbed “minimercials,” are released nightly at 9 PM EST. Users can watch, swipe, and watch again, then buy directly from the app a variety of brands, claiming personalized prizes along the way. And to complete the full binge-watching experience, comedians and other entertainers host most of the videos. As the website says, “we shop for entertainment, shouldn’t your mobile experience be just that?”

We’re super-excited for this new app, and an even more excited to see another powerful woman breaking through the tech glass ceiling. So we asked MikMak’s Rachel Tipograph to share some words of wisdom about being a visionary in her field.

On being a woman in tech:

“It’s empowering to be part of a community that’s paving the way for other women. There is an instant sisterhood when you meet another woman in tech, as well as a common thread of women who feel confident in their own skin. These relationships allow me to take risks and make better decisions for MikMak.”

On gender obstacles:

Being a woman in tech doesn’t have to be an obstacle. If you surround yourself with a team, investor and fellow entrepreneurs who believe in you, your idea and ability to execute, you will be poised for success. Everyday at MikMak, I’m grateful for the people who help me advance out mission.”

On the importance of more women making apps:

“We spend the majority of our waking hours using our smartphones. If women weren’t building mobile software, that would be like music without female artists. One of the best parts about building MikMak is hiring my team. Half of our team is women, the other half are men who are equally warm and brilliant. It’s our job as leaders to build company cultures that others will want to emulate.”

Thank you, Rachel for all your wise words! As of now, MikMak is available for iPhone 5, 5s, 6 and 6+. But soon, we hope it will be available on all Internet devices. Until then, we’ll indulge in this ’90s style music video all about the beauty of MikMak:

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