The new “America’s Next Top Model” teaser is here and we can’t stop smizing

If you’ve been seriously jonesing for a new cycle of America’s Next Top Model like we have, prepare to replace your sad eyes with a smoldering smize because the models, the drah-ma and the catwalk are back, baby! Yes, there’s a new teaser for ANTM and we cannot wait for the return of the reality series that famously challenged us to booty tooch for the gawds.

Uproxx reports that the ANTM hiatus that had us bawling our faces off will finally be over when the show premieres Dec. 12 on VH1. ZOMG, that’s less than two months away! We desperately need to brush up on our catwalk skills because without the pressure of Tyra Banks and her models-in-training werking the runway every week, our formerly fierce cat walk has turned into more of a skittish kitty limp.


Speaking of Ty Ty Baby, fans already know that Banks won’t appear on ANTM‘s revamped version, but she’s still listed as an executive producer so she’ll be there in spirit, or maybe in person – you just never know with Tyra. Instead Rita Ora will host ANTM, with supermodel Ashley Graham, celeb stylist Law Roach and Drew Elliott serving as panel judges.

Anyway, have a look at the fancy schmancy teaser. It’s so high fashion:

Whew, we’re way too pumped. December can’t come fast enough because this mide-wile smize we’re wearing is beginning to hurt.

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