This new “Alice Through the Looking Glass” trailer explains where that hour your lost last night really went

If you woke up this morning feeling a little extra groggy, that’s because last night was the bi-annual celebration of Daylight Savings Time. To be fair, it’s not so much of a celebration as it is a ritual originally constructed by our pre-electricity ancestors to make better use of natural daylight. And we still do it because, you know, it’s a tradition!

Last night was the less fun of the two Daylight Savings days. It was the one where we all lose an hour of sleep. And, even with most phones and computers just automatically doing the changing over for us, you can’t help but wonder where the hour went.

Now, thanks to a perfectly-timed (pun intended) Alice Through the Looking Glass trailer, our questions will be answered. Well, maybe they’re not answered in the trailer itself, but at least we know someone else was wondering the same things about the whereabouts of that mysterious hour.


The whole teaser is time-themed, with the dialogue all relating to things like being late or making the most of your time. We’re brought back into to the wondrous world of Alice by seeing some of the familiar and delightful characters of the first movie interacting with new creepy-yet-tantalizing characters we can’t wait to get to know. All the while, there’s awesome clock-themed music underscoring the trailer. 


While it may not explicitly answer where that mysterious Daylight Savings Time hour went, it definitely makes you want to travel to this alluring fantasy world to try and find out.

Plus, it’s only a mere 30 seconds that you definitely won’t regret losing (even if you watch it time and time again).


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