These two new agents are joining Scully and Mulder in the ‘X-Files’ reboot

Details about the new X-Files mini-series have remained as mysterious as extraterrestrial life: we know they’re probably out there, but we can only imagine what they’re like. Slowly but surely, however, we’re putting together pieces of the puzzle about what we can expect when the six episodes air on Fox, starting January 24th.

Variety recently dropped a huge clue, announcing two new cast members: Lauren Ambrose (best known for Six Feet Under) and Robbie Amell (whose abs – I mean face – you might recognize from The Duff or The Flash). Because of the secrecy surrounding production, we only officially know three things relating to this casting decision:

1. Ambrose will be playing “confident” and “sharp” Agent Einstein, and Amell will take on the role of “smart” and “smooth” Agent Miller.

2. Agents Einstein and Miller are set to appear in episode one of the series, which, according to IMDb is called “My Struggle.”

3. Even though the pair kind of looks like Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny (who will be reprising their legendary characters Fox Mulder and Dana Scully), sources confirmed that the “My Struggle” won’t be a flashback episode.

If you recall, Mulder and Scully leave the FBI in the original X-Files. Could this mean that Agent Einstein and Agent Miller are their replacements, their modern-day doubles? It could make sense: Mitch Pileggi is making his return as Walter Skinner – maybe he plays their boss.

Ugh, but there are still so many questions about casting! William B. Davis is set to revive his role as the Smoking Man, but that character was thought to have died two or three times between falling down a flight of stairs and getting hit by a helicopter rocket. Also, Joel McHale is guest-starring – as an agent? As an alien? It has to be something awesome. I want to believe!

*Whistles X-Files theme song until January 24th*

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