The last-minute speculation about the new Doctor on “Doctor Who” is getting wild

We’ve got news for all you Whovians. According to Doctor Who Twitter, the next Doctor is going to be announced after Wimbledon! Since Peter Capaldi announced he was leaving the show, fans have been guessing who the 13th Doctor will be. Has the show cast its first female Doctor? We’ve gotten our first female regeneration of the Master, so anything is possible. And fans have been calling for an actress to take the role ever since the show was rebooted in 2005. Many fans are also hoping for racial diversity in the casting. After twelve Doctors who were white and male, a lot of people feel like change is necessary, and a long time coming. false

Fans love to make guesses about Doctor Who!


There have been many names thrown around as guesses before the announcement. Everyone from Kris Marshall to Fleabag‘s creator and star, Phoebe Waller-Bridge. Would it be possible that Natalie Dormer has taken on the role? Some think not, but you never know.

Some have even guessed former Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint. Could the Doctor be a Weasley, and, even more importantly, finally a ginger? (Our hope is for a woman who is also ginger?)

Some wish there wasn’t an announcement at all.


Rather than a huge announcement, some fans feel like it would be better to have the show surprise us. Why cut the tension so early? This also gives fans plenty of time to criticize the show’s choice, so some feel like it’s best to hold out.

Whatever the case, we’re crossing our fingers until the end of Wimbledon. And we’re hoping for someone to fill Peter Capaldi’s shoes while taking the show to a great new level.