People are tweeting photos of heroic feminist icons with the message, “Nevertheless, she persisted”

The GOP has unintentionally provided feminists with another new slogan. After Mitch McConnell invoked an arcane rule to silence Senator Elizabeth Warren on Tuesday night, he defended his actions by saying:

"She was warned. She was given an explanation. Nevertheless, she persisted.

Now, “nevertheless she persisted” has gone viral on social media as people use the term to share examples of feminist icons and heroes.

It all began when Warren expressed her opposition to Jeff Sessions’ nomination for attorney general by invoking the words of Coretta Scott King

In 1986, when Sessions was under consideration for federal judgeship, Martin Luther’s King’s widow wrote a powerful letter to members of the Judiciary Committee that helped secure his defeat.

Led by McConnell, Senate Republicans voted to prevent Warren from speaking. She may not have been able to read King’s full letter on the Senate floor, but it’s safe to say that McConnell’s strategy backfired. In October 2016, feminists enthusiastically began to refer to themselves and other badass women as “nasty women” after Donald Trump called Hillary Clinton a “nasty woman” during a presidential debate.

Now, the phrase “nevertheless she persisted” is being used in a similar manner. A quick glance at Twitter shows the phrase has been embraced — but not quite in the manner McConnell intended.

The quote accompanies images of powerful women who changed history through their persistence

But, we’re grateful for the new rally cry


Some people couldn’t resist throwing some deserved shade at Trump & Co.

And Hillary Clinton expressed her support of Warren, along with an important reminder for the rest of us

We face an uphill battle with Trump in the White House, but nasty women will persist — and, led by the example of women like Warren and Clinton, we’ll make sure our voices are heard no matter what.

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