For $100 million, you can buy Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch—and a Llama

In 1988, Michael Jackson purchased a 3,000 acre estate in Los Olivos, California and promptly converted it into a private amusement park complete with two railroads, a ferris wheel, carousel and roller coaster. Oh, and a zoo. Now, almost six years after his death, Neverland Ranch is going on the market. Asking price: $100 million.

The California property, which now belongs to Jackson’s estate, was named for the magical land in the Peter Pan stories where children never grow up. Today, it’s known as “Sycamore Valley Ranch” according to Sotheby’s International, one of the realty companies handling the sale of the property – and though the amusement park rides and zoo animals are no more, there’s apparently still a llama living on the land. The train station and railroad tracks are also there.

According to the Wall Street Journal, here’s what you’d get for $100 million: “The Normandy-style main house, which sits between the property’s two lakes, measures about 12,000 square feet, with six bedrooms plus an attached staff quarters. There’s a four-bedroom guesthouse near the main home and a two-bedroom guesthouse a little farther away.

There’s also a swimming pool with a cabana, a barbecue area, basketball court and a tennis court. A 50-seat movie theater has a private viewing balcony, and a stage includes trap doors for magic shows.”

Realtors have said that they’re going to be performing a fairly in-depth pre-screening process with any potential new owners, citing that they don’t want the property turned into a memorial for tourists to visit. Let’s just hope the llama doesn’t get evicted.

(Images via Yahoo and FanPop)