Here’s one thing you never noticed about Luke’s Diner on “Gilmore Girls”

It’s safe to assume you’ve spend a fair amount of time hanging out in Luke’s Diner with Lorelai and Rory Gilmore. They head to the diner basically every single day of their LIVES, whether it be for coffee or…wait, it’s mostly just coffee. Sometimes they branch out and get pancakes, or danishes, or even donuts, too. But the main priority is coffee, coffee, and more coffee. They’re so focused on coffee, it makes sense that Lorelai and Rory have missed this completely random and weird object chilling out on Luke’s counter.

What the heck is a Scooby-Doo toy doing hanging out in Luke’s Diner, and even weirder, hanging out with the MUFFINS?

Spotted by Reddit user MissBeb, we’re never going to be able to unsee this.


Oh gosh, so many follow-up questions. For starters, WHY? WHO put this toy in with the muffins? WHAT is it even doing there? Does Luke know about this? There’s no way that Luke put this toy in there himself, his sense of humor does not branch out to jokes. It couldn’t be Jess either (this is Season 2, Episode 9, FYI), because it’s impossible to imagine Jess having a Scooby-Doo toy himself.


So like…huh?

In the next shot Scooby has fallen over a little bit, but is still trapped in the muffin container. Did someone actually open it up, grab a muffin, and just LEAVE Scooby in there?


In case you’re curious, yes, I spent some time sleuthing through other Gilmore Girls episodes, trying to see if this Scooby appears again. He does not, as far as I can tell, throughout the rest of season two and three. But there are still more Gilmore Girls episodes out there.

Maybe this has actually been a long-running Gilmore Girls in-joke and we’re just discovering it now. Stay tuned.

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