Everything you never noticed about ‘Love Actually’

It’s that time again, guys. It’s December, and we’re all rewatching Love Actually for the billionth time. But there are some little things in this beloved holiday movie that you probably haven’t noticed.

Yeah, yeah, I know what you’re thinking: What are you talking about? I know every single line. I could tell you the plot backward and then forward and then backward again! And while I’m sure you could, see if you noticed these little second-long scenes and observations that could have easily passed your notice while you were busy crying over the adorableness.

Not everyone was impressed by Juliet and Peter’s wedding

The wedding of Peter and Juliet — especially Mark’s super-cute melodic surprise hidden throughout the audience — is enough to warm even the most frigid of hearts. Jamie and Sarah certainly had a grand old time watching true love in action. But we were so busy fawning over the adorableness that we failed to notice the only person who wasn’t having a good time — the lady in the black hat.

Look at that cynical blink. She is totally not having it. Perhaps she was the ex of Juliet or Peter? Maybe she’s not digging the music? Or maybe she’s actually pure evil. Theories welcome.

The *real* reason why Jamie used a typewriter

Ever wonder why Jamie uses a typewriter to write an entire NOVEL? Sure, typewriters are cool and make fun clicky noises when you type, but anyone who has ever written an essay let alone a novel knows that that’s some risky business — especially if you don’t bother making copies, which Jamie ultimately learns the hard way. Like, dude, it’s 2003. If you can afford to casually head over to a vacation home in France when you’re having a life-crisis, you can afford a laptop.

Although Colin Firth has a special place in my heart, I’ve always chalked up Jamie’s typewriter choices to the fact that his character in Love Actually is kind of a teensy bit pretentious. However, there may be another explanation. Within the first five minutes, if you look *very* carefully, you can see the book Jamie has been reading on his desk when he’s bustling around in his first scene. Look at this screenshot:

OK, it may be difficult to read, but it’s a fast scene, guys. Anyway, the book is Print and the People 1819 – 1851 by Louis James, published in the ’70s. If you don’t believe me, check out the cover and see for yourself. Now, a Google search on this book turns up practically nothing at all (proving that Jamie is actually a total hipster) — except for a blurb from Oak Knoll Press describing the book as “a short history and compilation of popular literature for the working classes from the early 1800s.” So, perhaps his typewriting blunder was actually because of an intense 1800s-level nostalgia / inspiration. Maybe it’s actually Pride and Prejudice Colin Firth here.

Either way, Jamie, you really must do copies.

Juliet was down to party at her wedding

While we were busy watching Colin flit around the wedding reception offering food to everyone while simultaneously hitting on them, we missed something beautiful indeed: Juliet POUNDING DOWN a glass of champagne. It’s full one second, then suddenly it’s empty.

And by the time Colin has gone to hit on someone new, Juliet is holding up the empty glass like, “Yeeeeeeah did y’all see that? More please, I’m the bride.”

Colin’s casual nose picking

Maybe this is something only I missed, but here’s what Colin does literally RIGHT before his famous “I am Colin, god of sex” line:

Yeah, OK, whatever you say, Colin.

Sarah’s picture of her brother

When Sarah is “working” overtime (a.k.a. freshening her makeup and waiting for an opportunity to possibly confess her love to Carl. . . ), we get a glimpse of her workspace.

Even though Sarah talks to her brother countless times throughout the day, she has a big picture of his face pointed towards her and no one else — another piece of evidence that he is, and will always be, her number one priority.

Sarah isn’t wearing makeup the second time she works overtime in the movie

After the failed encounter with Carl, Sarah doesn’t bother refreshing her makeup when she stays in the office at night. Here’s a comparison:

Though she looks totally gorgeous without makeup and certainly shouldn’t worry about touching it up if she doesn’t want to, the fact that she did the first time and didn’t even bother the second time, as if she had decided there’s no point . . . ugh, our hearts. Another thing to note about this scene: This is the only time in the entire movie when, on the brink of tears, she calls her brother first instead of the other way around — as if she’s had a realization that she will always feel unable to pursue anything for her (and only her!) because of her unwavering dedication to her brother.

Mark scaring the hell out of some guy

If you were too busy sobbing for Mark after Juliet watches his footage of her wedding, you may not have identified the true victim of Love Actually: The innocent Christmas shopper who was just minding his own business, only to be frightened out of his wits.

Poor guy.

The “Launderette” sign’s multiple appearances

You may have noticed the super-cute Launderette sign hanging in the home of Daniel and Sam. In fact, if you’re a frequent Pinterest user, you may have seen it many times.

But what you may not have noticed is that the exact same sign is outside the laundry place next to Tony’s apartment, which you can see when Colin visits him before his trip to Wisconsin:

Maybe this was the inspiration for Daniel and Joanna when they were decorating their home? Or MAYBE IT’S A CONSPIRACY. I mean, probably not, but like, maybe.

Joe’s walls are covered with Billy Mack

Probably one of my favorite scenes of Love Actually is when Billy Mack goes to Joe’s house and tells him that he’s the love of his life. So much friend chemistry! But if you could bear to take your eyes away from the cuteness, you’d notice that Joe has always felt true camaraderie and compassion for Billy. There are six Billy Mack pictures and posters alone in this shot:

You might think, “Well, Billy Mack’s fame is a major success for Joe as a manager, so duh.” But then you look at this shot, and you notice that there are three CD’s behind him, too. And there’s a Billy Mack record laying next to Joe, which means that he’s recently been listening to his music.

Undoubtedly, Joe has heard Billy’s music a countless number of times already. The fact that his entire apartment seems to be themed around Billy, and that he was recently listening to his friend’s old music — that’s evidence itself that Joe has viewed Billy as his absolute best friend long before Billy’s adorable confession.

Love, actually, is all around. <3

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