You’ll never guess which two “Halloweentown” stars reunited

We love a good reunion – especially when it’s unexpected. When we’re scrolling through our Instagram feeds and notice that our fave actors have gotten together in the name of nostalgia, our hearts soar to the sky. The latest celebs to have this effect on our hearts are two Halloweentown individuals we wouldn’t in a million years picture together in real life.

Actress Kimberly J. Brown (aka Marnie Piper) actively partakes in social media and even has her own YouTube channel. For this channel, she’s currently working on an improv comedy sketch and decided to invite someone from her past to join in on the fun. This special someone just so happens to be Daniel Kountz, the actor who played Kal: the villain from Halloweentown II: Kalabar’s Revenge.


In honor of Throwback Thursday, Kimberly posted an Insta snapshot of herself and Daniel. She captioned it: “Thought this was a good post for today since its kind of a throwback on different levels? Working on the next improv comedy sketch idea for my YouTube Channel and I think this guy is gonna be in it! He looks so familiar…….? #tbt” (We had to re-read this like five times to make sure it was really happening.)

Though Marnie and Kal didn’t exactly end up the best of friends in the Halloweentown sequel, we’re super happy to see that Kimberly and Daniel are friends in real life. The best part: They’re filming an improv video and (even though it’s not out yet) we’re moving it to the top of our “Must Watch” lists.

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