Neveah Mosher Reads Everyone Under the Table

Step aside, LeVar! Neveah Mosher might as well be the new poster-child for Reading Rainbow (which was re-launched as an app last summer, by the way). The 13-year-old South Bronx native read 325 books in 2012 alone — More than most of us have likely read in our entire adult lives. The girl is well-spoken, driven and already has intentions of being the first person in her family to attend college.

Each year, Neveah challenges herself to read at least 300 books, for no other reason than to absorb the knowledge that reading brings. There’s no prize, no award, no underlying material motivation for her self-created challenge. She just likes to learn — Which, considering most kids have cellphones before they learn how to ride a bike these days, is pretty amazing.

Somebody get this girl a megaphone (and a college scholarship in like, five years).

Featured image courtesy of HooplaHa

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