Neve Campbell just admitted the cast of “Scream” had no idea how iconic their show would become

She’s now starring in the Netflix hit House of Cards, but horror fans will always remember Neve Campbell’s role as iconic horror movie heroine Sidney Prescott in the Scream series. Neve just looked back on many of her most famous roles, including Party of Five, The Craft, and Scream — and she admitted she had no idea Scream would be a classic.

The ’90s teen horror flick went on to spawn three sequels and a TV series. The original Scream turned 20 years old last year.

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Neve appeared on Entertainment Weekly: The Show, where she said that she and her costars had no idea they were creating an iconic horror franchise during shooting.

She says, “Scream was an absolute blast. We shot in Santa Rosa, California, outside of San Francisco for a summer.”

“None of us really thought that it would be huge,” she revealed.

Say what!? Neve added, “We knew the script was good, but we would literally sit together at night after long days, covered in blood, and we’d say, ‘Do you think that maybe there might be a Halloween costume?’ Twenty years later, I still see them.”

Of course, the Ghostface costume is still a Halloween staple, and the Scream franchise continues to find new audiences thanks to streaming services and an MTV series inspired by the movies, so it’s amazing that, back then, these relative Hollywood newcomers truly had no idea the magic they were making.

Sidney will forever be the most badass heroine of our hearts, and now we need to marathon the movies again ASAP.