Nevada just introduced a birth control bill that *every* state should adopt

Republicans in Congress may be threatening women’s access to affordable reproductive healthcare — but Nevada is having none of it. State legislators recently introduced a bill that would guarantee birth control access to Nevada’s women without a co-pay, much like the Affordable Care Act provision that’s under siege by the Trump administration.

Nevada is the latest member of the cool kids’ club of states — including California, Maryland, Vermont, and Illinois — to move to ensure women’s continued access to reproductive healthcare, specifically birth control, crafting legislation to guarantee access to contraception free of co-pays.

In addition, Nevada Senate Bill 233 and Assembly Bill 249, introduced to Nevada’s state legislature in March, allow pharmacists to dispense 12-month supplies of birth control (even if the doctor’s note allows for less) — a boon to women in rural areas who must trek long distances to get to the doctor’s office — and strips businesses of any religious exemptions that would block their employees’ access to contraception coverage.

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