Netflix’s April Fool’s Day prank “show” is surprisingly delightful to watch

Netflix revealed a new live video channel today! Actually, NOPE! APRIL FOOLS! Did we get you? No? Well even if you didn’t believe that Netflix’s April Fool’s Day prank — a show called Netflix Live, featuring Will Arnett — was a real program, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t watch it! In fact, you should add it to your list of most epic April Fool’s Day pranks, because along with adding a lengthy list of TV shows and movies to its library this month, today you can watch the most boring (to the point that it’s hilarious) show (special?) ever.

Even the trailer for the… whatever it is… is great:

After giving the 49-minute-long Netflix Live show front-page placement on April Fool’s Eve, the show-thing is now the sole item in a new Netflix category: Recently Canceled by Netflix.


You can still watch the recently canceled Netflix Live show right now, but it will probably disappear come April 2nd. It’s worth checking out, though, because listening to Arnett’s gravelly voice narrate the goings-on of the most mundane office ever — from copy machine shenanigans to manual pencil sharpener madness —  is surprisingly meditative.

Yes, hearing Arnett’s thoughts and observations on the everyday objects in our lives might actually make you slow down and notice what’s going on around you in a different way. Or…it will be the most hilariously boring “show” to ever premiere (and then be canceled shortly thereafter).

Happy April Fool’s Day, we hope you stop and appreciate the little things today.

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