Netflix will be making reality shows, and you know they’re going to be good

From Orange is the New Black to Stranger Things to The Get Down, Netflix is behind some of our favorite television shows, movies and documentaries. But until now, one genre has been unexplored: reality shows, which are finally coming to Netflix.  According to The Hollywood Reporter, this will be changing and soon. Netflix will be making competitive reality shows and docu-soaps, and talk shows, and by the end of 2017, the number of these original unscripted series will be in the double digits.


The reason that Netflix is able to pretty much do whatever they want is because they don’t have to answer to a network. This means that instead of having to make a pilot, wait for review, approval and input and then make a full series, Netflix offers straight-to-series orders. This also means they’re more flexible with how they get money to fund the shows. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that lower quality series will be running from $400,000 to $550,000 an episode. Higher quality programs will run at $1,000,000 and over per episode.

And although we don’t know what their unscripted series will be about, if it’s Netflix producing it, we can rest assured it will be something that leaves us wanting more.

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