Netflix’s video for A Day Without A Woman proves that stories can’t be told without women

People all over the U.S. have stepped up to participate in A Day Without A Woman. Women are participating by taking the day off work, marching in protest or wearing red as a sign of solidarity. Celebrities are also celebrating International Women’s Day by tweeting their support for women all over the world and sharing inspirational messages. Even Netflix has come forward to honor women on this special day.

It was reported that Netflix gave the women in their staff the freedom to exercise their rights on A Day Without A Woman. Netflix made an even bigger gesture to show how much they appreciate women today on their social media platforms. They made and shared a short video proving that, without women, their shows wouldn’t even exist.

"Our stories don't work without women," the video says. "And the world wouldn't, either."

In the video, it shows invaluable characters like Claire Underwood in House of Cards and Queen Elizabeth II in The Crown walking out of the scene and becoming “not available.” You’re given the choice to keep watching or go to another title. Each time the video changes to another show, though, you find that without the female lead, Netflix shows are essentially not watchable anymore.

Netflix’s tweet has been liked over 2,500 times and retweeted more than 1,500 times. It’s a simple yet powerful reminder that the world as we know it — especially the entertainment world — would be nothing if we didn’t have women around. It’s time to appreciate all the women in our lives and fight for their equal rights.