Christmas just got even better, because Netflix is making another royal holiday movie with Vanessa Hudgens

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few months, or only have Hulu, you’ll have noticed the wave of original romantic comedies currently making their way to Netflix.

From A Christmas Prince, the instant Hallmark-like classic that started it all to the genuinely delightful new release Set It Up — and the dozen others in between — the streaming platform is bringing romantic comedies back in a big way. We’re officially living in a Netflix rom-com renaissance of sorts, and there seems to be no end in sight.

And now, Netflix’s See What’s Next Twitter account has announced another original romantic comedy set to premiere on the streaming platform later this year — starring none other than Vanessa Hudgens.

The High School Musical alum and Nashville‘s Sam Palladio are starring in The Princess Switch, the identity swap Holiday Netflix rom-com we’ve been waiting for. According to See What’s Next, it’s “a rom-com about a Duchess & a commoner who swap places after discovering they look exactly alike! But things get complicated when they each fall in love with a man who doesn’t know their true identity.”

Big YES to this!

Hudgens also took to Instagram to share the exciting news, revealing the film’s holiday release — and a little name tweak.

Okay, yes, Hudgens and See What’s Next are teasing two different titles, but holiday themed or not, we’re going to need this in our queues, like, now.

Naturally, Twitter users were quick to point out the plot similarities to the Selena Gomez movie Monte Carlo, tragically underrated Disney Channel Original Movie Model Behavior, and yes, even Barbie’s The Princess and the Pauper. But hey, (nearly) everyone loves an identity-swap rom-com very loosely based on Mark Twain novel The Prince and the Pauper. It’s an oft-used but oh-so-addicting trope that will probably live on forever.

The Hudgens-led rom-com won’t be the only royal wedding hitting our screens this holiday season. The streaming platform has already announced that a wedding-themed sequel to A Christmas Prince will arrive in time to bring extra holiday cheer.

The Christmas Switch AND A Christmas Prince: The Royal Wedding just in time for the holidays? Wow, we really have been good this year!

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