Netflix turned The Kissing Booth trailer into a horror movie, and it will legit scare you

If you’ve ever somehow wondered what The Kissing Booth would look like as a horror flick, wonder no more. In celebration of Halloween 2018, Netflix created an epic new trailer for the movie, transforming the lovable rom-com into a scary thriller that will probably haunt your dreams tonight.

As many likely know, The Kissing Booth follows a high school girl named Elle who falls in love with her best friend’s bad boy older brother. The parody trailer features all the same characters (and the same kissing booth) but adds some genius editing and spooky music. It’s unclear who the villain is (our guess is Lee), but the trailer presents a new meaning to the term “killing it.”

Check out the fake trailer below:

Let’s just say we never thought we’d be this terrified of a rom-com. Even the movie’s lead actress, Joey King, couldn’t believe it.

As much as we love that Netflix clearly has a sense of humor, we’d officially like to keep The Kissing Booth just the way it is, thank you very much.

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