Netflix turned “Stranger Things” into an ’80s rom-com in this genius fake trailer

Back when we saw the very first teaser trailer, October seemed so far away. But Stranger Things will be back on Netflix for our viewing pleasure in just a handful of days. And to celebrate the much-anticipated second season, Netflix decided to have a little fun by re-imagining the show as an ’80s rom-com. Needless to say, it’s pretty flawlessly edited.

They decided to name this “show” Love in the Upside Down, and as imagined, it’s got a lot of Nancy, played by Natalia Dyer, and Steve, played by Joe Keery. While the last few episodes made it seem like these two may not make it, the two lovebirds seemed to be going strong in the finale.

Of course, we all kind of thought that Jonathan, played by Charlie Heaton, would mix things up a bit. And it seems like Netflix felt the same.

We’d totally watch this if it was real. And as a bonus, it seems to be monster-free.

"What happens when love gets strange?" the trailer asks.

In all honesty, we’re wondering if the dynamic between Nancy and Steve might change a bit in Season 2. Some of us were rooting for Jonathan, but even if he ends up being just a friend, that’s okay too — as long as he still keeps some sort of bond with Nancy, we’ll be happy.

Stranger Things will be returning to Netflix on October 27th. And who knows? Maybe it’ll take a few cues from Love in the Upside Down and keep Jonathan in the race for Nancy’s heart.

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