Netflix just dropped the trailer for the Sense8 movie, and no one on the internet has any chill about it

After being canceled by Netflix in a truly devastating move, our beloved cluster of sensates are coming together for one last mission in the two-hour Sense8 series finale. The series, which was created by The Wachowskis and J. Michael Straczynski, follows a group of eight people from various parts of the world who are emotionally and mentally connected to one another. Because of their connection, the sensates are being hunted down by the nefarious Biologic Preservation Organization (BPO) and Whispers, a sensate-turned-BPO ally and leader.

While the series was canceled by Netflix last June following a major cliffhanger in the Season 2 finale, after a massive outcry from fans, the series was picked up for a two-hour finale. Season 2 ended with Wolfgang (Max Riemelt) being sold out and kidnapped by Whispers — and the rest of the cluster gathered in London, ready to save him.

In the trailer for the Sense8 finale, it seems the hunt is on as our favorite cluster of sensates is on their mission to save Wolfgang…and take down the BPO once and for all.

The trailer, which is action-packed and full of emotion, has fans excited to see more of the cluster in action, but devastated about the end of the groundbreaking series all over again. While some are just happy to have one last go-around with Sense8, others can’t help but see the trailer as another reminder that the show deserved so much better.

Naturally, fans have taken to Twitter to express their conflicting emotions, and it’s safe to say everyone’s feeling a little bit like Lito right now.



The two-hour Sense8 series finale will begin streaming on June 8th on Netflix.

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