Body-positive activists are not happy with the trailer for Netflix’s new show, Insatiable

The trailer for Netflix’s new series Insatiable dropped on Thursday, July 19th, and the internet has thoughts. Within hours, the “dark, twisted revenge comedy” was met with major backlash on Twitter for its “fat-shaming” plot.

Many are arguing that Insatiable reinforces negative stereotypes and the notion that “thin” equates desirability. Others have taken issue with the fact that the show’s lead, Debbie Ryan, dons a “fat suit” for the role. It also seems to assume that curvier women should naturally aspire to be thin.

Ryan plays Patty, a high schooler who’s been bullied her whole life because of her looks. But after she loses a significant amount of weight over summer break and is suddenly “hot,” she vows to get revenge on everyone who had made her life miserable.

"Having my jaw wired shut lost me more than just my summer vacation," Patty says in the trailer. "Now, I could be the former fatty who turned into a brain. Or an athlete. Or a princess. No — I'd rather have revenge."

Here’s the trailer.

The response has been overwhelmingly negative, with many saying that this seems like a major misfire from the usually self-aware Netflix.


As of right now, Netflix has not commented on the controversy, but Alyssa Milano, who plays Patty’s mom, defended the series, writing, “We are not shaming Patty.”

Meanwhile, Ryan hasn’t addressed the backlash directly, but she retweeted the same Teen Vogue article, which says the comedy is “taking aim at teenage bullying, society’s warped beauty standards, and the monsters that live inside all of us.”

We, of course, haven’t seen the series yet, so we’ll save our thoughts for when it comes out on August 10th. Perhaps the ultimate message won’t be body negative…only time will tell.

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