Netflix is rolling out a major change to the site, and two thumbs way up

Netflix has been around long enough that we’re pretty familiar and comfortable with the interface. At this point, it’s like an old friend. But our old friend is getting a makeover — Netflix’s star ratings are going to be replaced in a new update. Since the beginning of Netflix, after watching a show or movie, you’d rate in on a scale of one to five stars. Netflix would then recommend you weirdly specific categories of movies and shows based on what you liked and what you didn’t.

Now, the system will be binary — a thumbs up or a thumbs down depending on whether you liked it or not.

We’ve definitely agonized over how many stars to give something in order to make sure Netflix doesn’t start recommending us super weird titles. So, this is definitely going to make our lives a biiiiit easier.

And we’re not alone. Like any company worth their salt, Netflix tested out the new feature before opting to implement it, and found that users rated things they watched 200% more when the options were only thumbs up or thumbs down than they did when given the option of stars.

We sort of imagine it’s like when somebody says “what do you want to eat?” and doesn’t offers you like twelve options instead of a couple simple ones.

With more ratings, the Netflix gods can offer more accurate recommendations, so we’re all about this new update.

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