This Netflix study looks into how we behave after binge-watching, and it’s kind of fascinating

I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie in the theater, but “unparalleled ability to marathon TV shows” might as well be listed as a skill on my resume. (It illustrates dedication, right?) A recent Netflix study looked into how we behave after binge-watching a show, and the results are pretty fascinating. Nearly three-quarters of Americans enjoy the pastime of binge-watching, and a new analysis sheds light on the most common Netflix behaviors, both during and after a binge session.

When we’re lonely or depressed, we turn to shows like Scandal and Breaking Bad — often in one sitting. Riveting mysteries like The Killing draw us in after just two episodes, but How I Met Your Mother must pay its dues with eight episodes before we’re ready to commit.

But, what happens after that devastating moment when the final credits roll and we must bid a sad goodbye to the characters we’ve become remarkably attached to over the past 24 hours?

The study examined the viewing habits of more than 86 million members across 190 countries to find out.


Fifty-nine percent of viewers take a three-day break before moving on to a new show — and 61% of these people didn’t stay away from the streaming service altogether. Rather, they opted to watch a movie before diving into their newest TV obsession.

Netflix’s study also looked at the types of movies people chose to watch after finishing a variety of TV series. They found that after House of Cards, viewers took a movie break with Beasts of No Nation, while Gilmore Girls marathoners opted to watch Sixteen Candles and The Princess Bride.

Certain TV shows sparked people’s interest in documentaries — for example, Narcos fans chose to learn more about drug trafficking by watching documentary films like Cartel Land and Narco Cultura. Meanwhile, Marvel’s Luke Cage inspired people to learn more about race and the criminal justice system by viewing Ava DuVernay’s documentary 13th.


Sure, there are some health concerns associated with binge-watching, but let’s be honest — that probably won’t stop us from taking in an entire season of Captive or Fuller House this weekend.

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