We love you Netflix, but this new streaming service sounds rad

Comcast is getting in on the streaming game, offering us just one more way to watch some of our favorite shows from the comfort of our beds. Because, let’s be honest, that’s where our laptops spend most of their time.

In a press release yesterday, Comcast Executive VP and General Manager, Video Services Matt Strauss announced that Comcast will be rolling out a beta test of its new streaming cable service, called Stream. Through Stream, Xfinity customers will be able to watch all of their favorite shows — including those on HBO — via laptops, phones or tablets.

Stream won’t be limited to just television, though; subscribers will be able to access hundreds of on-demand movies and shows. It will also include a cloud DVR — so if you don’t have time to watch a show right away, you can record and watch it whenever you want.

The way we take in our media is changing all the time, and now more than ever, people are choosing to watch their favorite shows without even bothering to turn on the TV. Comcast is just the latest provider to jump in, promising that subscribing to Stream is as easy as signing up online and then downloading the app. Pretty simple, right?

“It’s an exciting time to be a TV fan – there is more quality content than ever and seemingly limitless ways to keep up with all the shows and movies people are talking about,” Strauss said. “We’ll continue to experiment by creating offerings like Stream, so that users can choose the service that works best for them. So if you love TV and spend most of your time with the screen in your lap as opposed to the one on the wall, Stream may just be the thing for you.”

Stream will cost about $15 per month and will be released in the Boston area first, followed by launches in Chicago and Seattle. You’ll likely be able to find it everywhere by early 2016. We say, bring it.

[Featured image c/o Comcast.]


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