Netflix has a super simple and GENIUS hack for sneaking in all those guilty binges

One of the best parts of Netflix is the amazing variety of films and shows it offers. On just one platform, we can flip between some of the most critically-acclaimed films and shows ever made AND our favorite guilty pleasures. But there is one issue we have with sharing profiles on the streaming platform: guilty pleasure-shaming.

Maybe you share an account with your grandma and don’t want her to see that you watched Sausage Party, or are secretly catching up on Breaking Bad even though you’re supposed to be watching with your significant other.

Netflix is coming to the rescue so you can watch *whatever* you want in peace with these very simple hacks.

First, if you share a profile with someone and *don’t* want to go through the hassle of having to curate a new profile — you can go in and delete your viewing history, which is really easy. Just go into your account settings, pick your account, look at your viewing history, and delete whatever you want hidden. Now, they’ll never have to know that you watched Mean Girls 2 on Friday.

But if you’re bold enough, Netflix also suggests creating a profile for all your embarrassing binges in one place. Name it after your pet as a cute joke, but secretly use it to catch up on Pretty Little Liars or One Tree Hill. When you’re done with the TV binge, delete the account or keep it active for use, and if caught — just blame the oddball show choice on your pet.

That way, if someone asks why your cat’s profile has been watching PLL, you can tell them that Eric (the cat) wants to know who “A” is so please let him live.

As always, we love how we can count on Netflix to give us the best binge-watching hacks.

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