OMG: Netflix has a secret page that will take your binge-watching to the next level

Just when we thought we knew everything about our beloved streaming app, this bomb dropped in our laps: There’s a secret Netflix page where users can suggest shows and movies that aren’t already in the service’s library. Tuh! All this time, we thought subtweeting was the way to let the company know when its been slacking on its game (i.e. holding out on that official list of Netflix movie codes).

Anyway, now that we’re better informed, allow us to spread the Netflix blessings. Here’s how it works: Say there’s a show from your childhood that Netflix should stream, but totally isn’t. Bummer, right? Well, in order to bring the show to your living room, you simply visit the “Request TV shows or movies” page and enter the title.

As the Netflix form states, it’s the “one and only place to submit content requests,” so give those Twitter fingers a rest and start submitting titles, people!

If you’re anything like us, you probably have a request list a mile long. But if you’re tempted to submit a gazillion entries for the same title, don’t waste your keystrokes — because it won’t make any difference. Even though Netflix may not be able to fulfill every request, the company does keep track of the films or TV shows users ask for, so one plea is enough.

Also, once your submission goes through, you’ll receive a list of reasons why that particular title may not be available for streaming. Knowing why you can’t stream your desired selection won’t alleviate the damper that the missing title puts on your binge-watching sesh, but at least it lets you know that your requests are being heard.

So there you have it! Now that another Netflix secret has been exposed, there will probably be a surge in requests, so make sure you devote some of your downtime to throwing your suggestions in the hat — like, right now.

Happy streaming!

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