Rom-coms starring the cast of ‘Friends’ (that you probably forgot about)

We love Netflix, and Netflix loves us. We know this is true, because after you’ve streamed enough movies and shows on the site, they start catering viewing choices to you. So like, if you watch a lot of 30 Rock, you’ll suddenly get a category called, “Irreverent Workplace Comedies.” You could also get categories like, “Strong Female Lead” (always yes to that one), or “Cool Mustaches.” Know what category doesn’t exist but really should? Rom-coms starring the cast of Friends. Back in the ’90s and early 2000’s, aka the heydey of rom-coms, our favorite sitcom stars were moonlighting in movies, movies time forgot. Luckily, Netflix didn’t.

By now you should have finished your 10-season binge of Friends, and you’re probably looking for something else to check out now. And for anyone who has ever tried to find something new to watch on Netflix, that process can take anywhere from 15-minutes to three hours. So doing the legwork for you, here’s our new (imaginary) favorite category: Rom-coms starring the cast Friends (that you probably forgot about).

The Friend: Jennifer Aniston

The Movie: She’s The One (1996)

Written and directed by Ed Burns (fresh off of The Brothers McMullen), thisburied treasure is all about twenty-something New York sibling rivalry. Jennifer plays a newlywed whose husband (the brother of Burns’ character) is having an affair. Cue drama, and other famous, fabulous actresses, namely Cameron Diaz, Amanda Peet and Leslie Mann.

The Friend: Courteney Cox

The Movie: The Opposite Sex and How to Live With Them (1992)

Courteney’s Carrie meets David (Ayre Gross) in a bar, and despite being total opposites they fall for each other. Basically, late Fright night movie GOLD.

Bonus: Also on Netflix streaming when you search for Cox? Zoom: Academy for Superheroes: Way before superhero movies really took off, Hollywood was trying really hard to make them work. So in steps Zoom, or Captain Zoom, played by Tim Allen. Cox plays his smart/beautiful scientist sidekick.

The Friend: Lisa Kudrow

The Movie: All Over the Guy (2001)

This early 2000s rom-com follows two young guys who are set up on a blind date and consequently fall in love. Kudrow has a minor role as a voice-over actress, and her character, Marie, is a total precursor to The Comeback’s Valerie Cherish.

The Friend: Matt LeBlanc

The Movie: Reform School Girl (1994)

OK, this may be more rom than com, but bare with us. LeBlanc plays the bad boy in this made-for-TV Showtime movie, that’s actually a remake of a 1957 B-movie of the same name. Need I say more? OK, actually I have to say more, because this one is rated R and features a lot of “steamy” sex scenes.

The Friend: David Schwimmer

The Movie: Since You’ve Been Gone (1998)

In this made-for-TV movie, a group of high school friends gather together for their 10 year reunion. Yes that’s Teri Hatcher, and yes Schwimmer directed this flick. Even better? Jon Stewart makes a cameo. Why did no one tell us about this sooner?

The Friend: More Schwimmer

The Movie: The Pallbearer(1996)

Schwimmer attends the funeral for a classmate he doesn’t remember, and ends up falling for his high school crush again, Gwyneth Paltrow. Toni Collette is in it, Michael Vartan is in it, Carol Kane is in it, and it was — for real — produced by JJ Abrams in 1996. AMAZING.

The Friend: Matthew Perry

The Movie: Zilch, you guys.

There is no love for Matthew Perry on Netflix. None at all. What gives? Why can’t we watch Fools Rush In or The Whole Nine Yards? Asking not just for all my friends, but for myself, too.

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