Netflix has some bad news and it will make you sad

Looks like we might be facing some consequences for all our “Netflix and chilling.” We know the video streaming service is super popular, what with the success of the series Orange is the New Black, and Netflix-based films like Staten Island Summer. Not to mention the plethora of TV shows and films that you can just stream whenever you want, wherever you want. The fact is that we can’t get enough of our on-demand entertainment, but it looks like it’s going to cost us. Literally.

Netflix has officially raised the price of its most popular plan, that is, the standard plan that allows two viewers to use the website at once. New customers will now have to pay $9.99 a month to binge-watch their fave shows.Granted, that’s only a dollar more than the original price —you may not even feel it. But over time, that could add up.

Here’s how the Internet feels about this change:

Luckily, not every plan is affected. For instance, this change doesn’t apply to the one-screen or four-screen plans. It also for new customers only. It doesn’t affect those of us who already have the standard two-screen subscription —yet. According to the company, current customers will have a grace period before their rates are affected.

Netflix has over 65 million views worldwide. Theoretically, that could mean an extra 65 millions dollars a month, so you can’t blame them for taking advantage of their popularity. They’re also continuing to expand their service — soon to Spain, Portugal, and Italy after establishing the service in Australia, New Zealand, and Japan earlier this year.

There’s nowhere to go but up for Netflix, we just hope that won’t apply to the prices. However, the extra cash goes towards the cost of licensing as well as the funding of their original programming. AKA every dollar they get is money towards the next season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. I think we’re okay with that.

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