7 hilarious pranks to play if you share a Netflix account

Being the generous soul you are, if you have a Netflix account, you probably share it with at least one loved one. Perhaps several. We openly admit that we creep on the profiles of our shared accounts…and sometimes we like to mess with our friends. (All in good fun, of course.) If you’re looking to do some subtle Netflix prankery on your pals, here’s what we’ve been known to do.

1. Either change the name of their profile, or add a new profile of someone funny or something that references an inside joke.


2. Or, add a profile that implies you’re spying on them. Like if you know they’ve been out on a Saturday night and you also know they usually binge The Office late-night.


3. Add hilariously bad movies to their queue. As you can see, this fan of dramas and action films will soon be baffled as to why Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse is suddenly there.


4. Give 5-star reviews to movies you know they’d hate and 1-star reviews to movies they love…inevitably messing up their Netflix recommendations.


5. In settings, click “sign out of all devices,” which means you’re kicked off every active device with your account and you’d have to re-enter the password to use it again on that device. Muahahah.


6. Totally confuse them by adjusting their profile’s maturity level.


7. And finally, if you know they’re binge-watching a show, sneak into their profile and start watching a different episode so they can’t remember where they left off. (Just maybe be kind and do a previous episode so they don’t have to deal with spoilers.)


(Images via Netflix)

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