The first trailer for Netflix “Pee-wee’s Big Holiday” is here and we’re stoaked

Do you have plans on March 18? If you do, cancel them, because we’ve got something even BIGGER to do that day. Netflix has just announced what’s when Pee-wee’s Big Holiday hits the streaming site, and to sweeten the deal, there’s now a brand new trailer for the movie, too. Check it out:

The movie — released a whopping 31 years after the first ever Pee-wee movie, way back in 1985 — will find our hero on a brand new adventure. The plot is still tightly under wraps, but what we do know is that Pee-wee meets a “mysterious stranger” who inspires him to take a holiday. But where is he going and what is he going to do? And hasn’t Pee-wee learned in the last 31 years you’re not supposed to take pictures of stop-lights while driving?

The most noticeable thing about this new trailer is that we’re not in Pee-wee’s Play House anymore. We’re not in his Big Adventure house, either. It appears as if he has moved to a brand new location, but at least he’s brought along his gizmos and gadgets — everything is still one big assembly line to get him up, dressed, and out of the house in the morning, this time via a magical Up-like balloon.

But where is Chairry? And also Joe Manganiello, who has a top-secret role in the movie? Those are just two of the things we’re going find in two months. March 18 can’t get here fast enough. 

(Image via YouTube)

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