Omigod we might not need an internet connection to watch Netflix anymore

Netflix, always trying to make our life 10,000% better, has a really good idea: Watch Netflix without an internet connection.

It sounds crazy, but it just might be happening in the near future. You know how it goes right now with Netflix and your internet. When your internet (and your wifi) are happy, your Netflix is happy. When your internet (and your wifi) start freaking out, then Netflix starts freaking out, and then YOU freak out.

But what happens if we live in a world where you don’t need an internet connection to binge Kimmy Schmidt? THE FUTURE IS NOW.


According to a new report in Light Reading, Netflix is looking into making this dream a reality. They’re working on a way for users to actually download specific shows (or, entire seasons), so you can watch them anywhere, even places where there is no internet — like on a plane. That way, on long trips you won’t have to worry about what to do, let alone shell out a billion dollars for a few hours of internet connection for three episodes of Kimmy Schmidt that barely buffer.

We like the sound of this.

Netflix has neither confirmed, nor denied, this idea, but those in the Netflix-know who talked to Light Reading seem to think that we could see this feature by the end of this year — and that means just like Rory always took a book with her in her bag, we could literally take Rory with us on every single one of our mobile devices no matter where we go.

Obviously for this to work, you’d still need an internet connection to start. But once your download is complete you’re good to go. The world is yours, and your Netflix library can come along, too.

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