Netflix went down last night and people had no chill

What does one do when there is no possibility of Netflix and chill being your Saturday night activity? According to Twitter, people freak out! On Saturday, when many movie goers and binge watchers were trying to login to their account and prepare for the best night in ever, the site was having technical issues and it led to a LOT of people having zero chill.

After constantly getting the “Netflix Site Error” on their screens, the company tried to explain what was going on via social media saying, “We’ve confirmed the errors are limited to web browsers and will affect sign-ups. We’re working to fix this asap and will keep folks posted.”


Unfortunately, no explanation was good enough for the vocal, angry, and abandoned users on Twitter and for that we are SO happy. Check out some of the funniest tweets about the streaming service being down below.


Even 2016 Summer Olympian Alex Morgan got in on the outrage!

Fret not binge watchers, your favorite movie site is now up and running, so your Sunday plans can actually be Netflix, ice cream, and serious chill!

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