Netflix just changed the title of one of their original shows, and the reason is so cute

It’s not every day that Netflix decides to make a last minute switch to one of their original shows. It’s happened before — like, how once upon a time the Gilmore Girls revival was known as “Seasons” before it became A Year In the Life — and the streaming site just did it once again. While it’s not a huge change to the title, it is a pretty adorable one.

It also makes us want to binge this upcoming series so much more, if that’s even possible.

In May, Netflix is going to drop their Anne of Green Gables adaptation, which all along has just been going by the title of Anne. Anne is a fine title. There is nothing wrong with Anne! But looking to switch things up a little bit, the show is now called Anne with an E

The landing page for the show already reflects this:


In case you haven’t read Anne of Green Gables (or, even seen the trailer for the upcoming series), this is a direct reference to something Anne frequently references. When introducing herself, she makes it clear that Anne is spelled with an E — and her teacher, Mr. Phillips, frequently spells it without the E, and that drives Anne nuts.


It’s not a major change to the show, but it is one giving us some warm and fuzzy Green Gables feelings. With the E (or even without) we’re ready to binge Anne with an E on May 12th.