10 Netflix movies you should watch this weekend if you’re avoiding the Super Bowl

For many people in the United States (and somehow, around the world), the BIGGEST event of the year is coming up this Sunday. That’s right, Super Bowl Sunday is just a few days away! But let’s be honest, some people just aren’t into the Super Bowl. You may not want to watch the Super Bowl because you don’t like either team or maybe you’re just not into football. So instead of turning on the TV to watch the big game, put on your comfiest gameday onesie and have a movie night instead.

We’ve rounded up some awesome movies for you to watch so you can avoid that lousy football fame. Note: The following films are an eclectic mix for any mood you may be in.

1Captain America: Civil War

Our beloved Marvel superheroes become divided and must battle it out. Sounds a lot like a football game, but it’s Marvel so it’ll be forever exciting.

2Sing Street

An underdog story about a teen in 1980s Dublin who starts a band to win the girl of his dreams. YES please!

310 Things I Hate About You

The quintessential film adapted from a Shakespeare play, in this case “The Taming of the Shrew,” this is the perfect film to watch when you’re looking to go against the grain.

4D2: The Mighty Ducks

If you’re looking for a sports movie, look no further than this Emilio Estevez/Joshua Jackson masterpiece sequel about our beloved Ducks team playing in an international hockey tournament. It’ll have you cheering “USA! USA! USA!” from your couch.


Hear me out: Paddington is a story about a bear overcoming adversity in the great city of London. It’s a win for everyone.

6The Princess Bride

It’s an adventure about true love, friendship, and magic. It’s probably one of the most iconic films of the late 20th Century so give it a watch.

7Good Will Hunting

Say you’re from New England but just aren’t into the game. Instead, watch one of the most amazing films about Boston and immerse yourself in the story of a janitor who is secretly a math genius.

8How to Steal A Million

If you’re looking for a classic film, this film about a Parisian woman who must steal her own family’s sculpture is a perfect choice. It stars Audrey Hepburn and Peter O’Toole and is an adorable film.

9Shakespeare in Love

For those looking to leave the United States, let us take you all the way back to Shakespearean London for a fictional take on the love life of the famous writer.


This quirky film about an amusement park is ~highly~ underrated and is the perfect independent comedy (with a little romance) to help you forget that there’s another event going on.

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