Netflix could soon be your online dating matchmaker

No matter how steamy your relationship is in the beginning, for most of us (whether we want to admit it or not), it eventually finds its way to nights spent binge-watching television in sweatpants.

So maybe when it comes to compatibility, what we say about ourselves isn’t as important as what our Netflix queue says about us.

At least that’s what a proposed dating app, Netfling is banking on.

While it isn’t quite out yet (it’s waiting on the release of a Netflix API), Netfling is hyping itself as a way to “find your perfect couch companion.”

It would work a lot like Tinder, but instead of zapping in your Facebook stats, it would rely on your Netflix info to help you find people who watch the same shows as you do. Let’s just hope it doesn’t show how much we’re watching (in the winter months especially).

Their big claim: “The secret to a happy relationship isn’t communication…it’s having the same Netflix taste.” And ya know what? Crazier matchmaking has happened. . .right? (Right. Thanks, in part, to Sizzl.)

One might argue that one’s TV taste can tell you a lot about them—sense of humor, intelligence, maturity. At the very least you know that the person on the other end of the app at least shares two interests with you: watching television and dating.

And maybe if they’re lucky, the new catch phrase will be ‘Netfling and chill.’


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