Netflix is making a new horror-comedy series with Adam Scott and Evangeline Lilly, and, now please

Netflix is about to give us another amazing gift in the form of a new original series. You thought Stranger Things was small screen perfection? Just wait until Little Evil is ready to stream.

As reported by Variety, Netflix just signed Adam Scott and Evangeline Lilly as the leads for their new series Little Evil, a horror-comedy about a couple who thinks their child might be the Antichrist.

The show will be written and directed by Eli Craig, best known for writing and directing 2010’s Tucker and Dale vs Evil.

Sure, it’s always fun to see Adam Scott and Evangeline Lilly take on movie roles and dominate the big screen, since they’re both brilliant actors. However, since the end of Parks and Recreation and LOST, their respective small screen charisma has left a gaping hole in our hearts. Scott’s role as Ben Wyatt on Parks and Rec was lovable and perfect (particularly when he felt overwhelmed and panicky while trying to keep up with Leslie Knope).


Meanwhile, Lilly’s Kate Austen on LOST was a mysterious badass who never let fear stop her from living the life she wanted.


So parenting a potentially evil child and making their reality seem effortlessly entertaining seems like the perfect fit for both of them. Seriously…when can we binge on this show? We need it NOW!

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