A new documentary about JonBenét Ramsey is coming to Netflix, but it’s not what you would expect

Attention fans of Serial and Making a Murderer — Netflix is here for all of your ghoulish needs. In 2017, a JonBenét Ramsey documentary is coming to Netflix, and we’re so ready to add it to our queue. You probably already know (especially if you grew up in the ’90s) that JonBenét Ramsey was a six-year-old beauty queen who was killed in 1996, and her death is still an unsolved case. What’s really interesting about this documentary is that it isn’t your usual investigation of what happened, like The Jinx — it’s a look at how this unsolved case impacted the town in which it happened, and we’re super intrigued.

According to the Variety release:

"Over 15 months, the filmmakers traveled to the Ramseys’ Colorado hometown to elicit responses and reflections from the local community. The film examines how this crime and its resulting mythologies have shaped the attitudes and behavior of successive generations of parents and children."

Not that we don’t enjoy the recent true crime kick everybody seems to be on, but there’s something really great about exploring the impact such tragic cases have on the people who are close to them — it puts the emphasis on people and human emotions rather than violence and shock value. Given that JonBenét was so young, it seems like a respectful angle to take on her case.

The film, called Casting JonBenét will premiere at Sundance Film Festival, and will have a limited theatrical release after that. Afterwards, you can expect to find it on Netflix, and we’re definitely looking forward to it!

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