This inspiring infographic proves that the women of Netflix are better when they stand together

Whether we’re sitting down to unwind after a long day or just in the mood for a solid Netflix binge, we often find ourselves watching shows that contain strong, female friendships. While there’s nothing better than women supporting other women IRL, there’s also something heartening about seeing amazing female friendships and bonds depicted beautifully onscreen.

But, we’re not the only ones celebrating some of the best female friendships TV has to offer — Netflix is also welcoming the shift from “me” to “we” storylines in TV. Like the rest of us, the streaming platform has seen how important (and necessary) it is to explore the complexities of incredible female relationships and is ready for SO MUCH MORE.

To celebrate the rise in storylines containing strong, complex female relationships, Netflix highlighted some of its best in this infographic:

Some are from Netflix originals, while others are not — but in any case, you can currently stream all of the below!


On Netflix, women are brought together by a million things — surprise divorces, the drive to succeed in the workplace, or even getting out of a sticky situation.

Grace and Frankie, the titular characters on the popular Netflix show become unlikely allies after their law partner husbands leave them for each other. Together they navigate divorce and singledom as women of a certain age.

While Sterling Cooper advertising agency (and all subsequent names) was filled with men looking to get ahead, nobody was as iconic as Peggy and Joan. Mad Men was a look at the cutthroat game of advertising in the ’60s, but the real winners were Peggy and Joan — who proved they were smarter and more cunning than their male counterparts, while maintaining an awesome friendship.


And, of course, the complexities of friendship always come to light when trying to bury your baggage, literally. On How to Get Away with Murder, the Keating 5 are constantly getting themselves into sticky situations with the law, but they always have each other’s back. Despite their second-guessing and evidence-tampering mishaps, the group — especially Laurel and Michaela — know that the only way they’ll make it is by sticking together.

We love that Netflix cherishes strong female relationships as much as we do and we know they’re not only committed to portraying strong women onscreen, they’re also hiring more women behind the scenes. We love watching our favorite shows portray friendship and deep, complex, and important relationships as they are in real life. We can’t wait to see what our favorite onscreen BFFs are up to next!

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