Why things just got more awesome for Netflix users

Sometimes you’re deep into a Netflix binge, and one second everything is going perfectly fine, and then the next second the episode won’t load. And it still won’t load. And give it five minutes, and it’s STILL NOT LOADING and now it’s time to FREAK OUT and PANIC. It’s a Netflix downtime.

Maybe just thinking about that horror is too much for you to handle, and we know. Netflix knows, too, which is why they’ve gone ahead and done something amazing so that there’s never another downtime. Ever.

Now, like many of your pictures, photos, and contact information, Netflix has just finished moving to the CLOUD. Really. Netflix has moved its entire system, including the streaming site and DVD distribution, to one of Amazon’s clouds, in hopes of never disappointing us ever again. For Netflix, running off the cloud now provides a ton of awesome features and benefits for everyone, but that’s not the main focus here. The main focus is that the cloud is pretty reliable, and even if their cloud fails, they’ve got other backups in place.

BGR explains it best, stating, “The cloud system is constructed in such a manner that if Amazon goes down in a region, traffic can be rerouted to other areas so that customers don’t experience any problems. It’s all part of how Amazon’s cloud infrastructure works.” Though some of that is technical mumbo jumbo, what we can take from that is this: Amazon’s cloud is designed not to fail, and if it does, we won’t even realize it’s failed.

So you hear that? There should be (hopefully, bearing any apocalypse-type events) no further Netflix downtimes in the future. Happy binging!

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