OK folks, we know what’s coming to Netflix in January

If you were already feeling weary for the start of the New Year: think again. 2016 just got a whole lot sweeter.

Netflix, the streaming service that knows us better than our blood relatives, significant others, and grocery store checkers combined is giving us all a solid by pumping up their January line-up with plenty of goodies.

The new releases include a delectable mixed bag of guilty pleasures, critical darlings, and everything in between.

The highlights of the line-up? The Netflix original double-TV dose of Degrassi: The Next Class: Season 1New Girl: Season 4, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Season 10.

Looking for darker fare? Try the spooky Tilda Swinton-starring We Need to Talk About Kevin, which boasts incredible performances, but perhaps isn’t the best recipe for a night of “Netflix and Chill.”

Also on the docket is the Netflix original Chelsea Handler show, Chelsea Does which is split up into four “mini-documentaries” entitled, Chelsea Does Marriage, Chelsea Does Racism, Chelsea Does Silicon Valley and Chelsea Does Drugs.

A ton of movies drop on January 1st, including Constantine and Along Came Polly (remember than Jen Aniston/Ben Stiller rom-com?). Then, on January 5th, season 4 of New Girl arrives, and on January 13th, season 7 of Parks and Rec drops.

One exciting addition that deserves a reserved spot on your queue is the Adam Scott/Jason Schwartzman indie film The Overnight. Which had a limited run in theaters, but was critically beloved. Often dubbed as, “the swinger film” when it originally premiered in June, one viewing of it will prove that it’s much, much more — but maybe don’t bust this out when you’re visiting with relatives.

Check out the full list of Netflix newbies here.

(Images via Fox)