Hello Netflix, where is “House of Cards” Season 5? Asking for a friend

It’s that time of year again: Time for House of Cards Season 5! However, we have not heard anything about House of Cards Season 5. Nothing. Nadda. Zip. This makes us very nervous, because we need our House of Cards. 

For the past four years, House of Cards has dropped sometime between January-February-ish. One year, it even dropped on Valentine’s Day, and that was a great way to celebrate love. But this year? We’re just getting crickets from the Underwood administration.

So…what gives, Netflix?

Over these past few days, Netflix has dropped a TON of new information about some of their upcoming original shows and movies (like, The Santa Clarita Diet, Frontier, Mute). When it comes to what Frank and Claire are up to, we’ve got nothing. 


Netflix, as you are probably very aware, likes to keep things secret. Remember when a month ago suddenly they were like, “Oh, by the way, a new series is dropping on Friday” and then we all watched The OA? Netflix is allowed to do that, because Netflix knows they have us wrapped around their streaming-finger. However, usually by this time of year, we would have a small inkling as to when House of Cards would start up again.

Last year, the premiere date for House of Cards was announced on December 15th, a clear two and a half months before the series dropped. We’re now six days into January and we have…nothing.

As the kids are saying today, the lack of House of Cards Season 5 info is quite “sus.” (Sus means “suspicious,” and no, I have no idea why that word needed to be shortened). Maybe Netflix is truly looking to pull a Beyoncé, and one day suddenly there will   be 12-13 brand new episodes of House of Cards for us to stream, and we’ll have no choice but to cancel all our outstanding plans. Right now, that seems like the only logical explanation. Because otherwise, how dare you withhold House of Cards Season 5 information?

Just thinking out loud here, but what happens if Netflix drops House of Cards Season 5 on…January 20th?

As we look to the future of America, having Frank and Claire back in our lives would sure be comforting. Sure, they’ve stole, murdered, plotted, and maybe just purposely started a war, but like, who hasn’t? Bring us our House of Cards Season 5, Netflix — and soon.

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