New study says Netflix is really, really good for your relationship

Nobody can deny the magic of “Netflix and Chill.” But recent studies have shown that putting that phrase into action with your sweetheart may actually have some great effects on your relationship.


Netflix teamed up with market research company Ipsos, and they surveyed over 1,000 Americans between the age of 18 and 29. It turns out 27 percent of people in this demographic, when looking for a potential significant other, require like-mindedness when it comes to which TV shows and movies are queued up on their Netflix accounts. And over half admit to plugging their favorite programs into their online dating profiles in an attempt to find a match.

It got even more interesting when the researchers asked about how Netflix plays a role in long-term relationships. More than 50 percent of the participants admitted that sharing an account — and a password — was indicative that things were getting serious. Get this: 17 percent said they wouldn’t even go there until they were either engaged or married. Talk about commitment!

No matter where couples are in the journey of their romance, though, it’s undeniable that this provider of streaming media is something that brings lovers together. 58 percent say they “bond with their partner over Netflix,” and 65 percent say they negotiate with each other when it comes to choosing what to watch. Hopefully, Netflix has taught them how to play nice.

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