Surprise! It looks like Netflix’s “Gilmore Girls” just got a new title

Sit down, grab a cup of coffee, and listen up. We’ve got some major Gilmore Girls news.

While we still don’t have an official release date for the ridiculously anticipated arrival, we now have a brand new name for the series. While we’ve just been calling it OMG THIS IS THE BEST WE CAN’T BELIEVE THIS IS HAPPENING AHHH!!! Gilmore Girls: Seasons, that’s not the name of the revival anymore. Appearing on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Ms. Lauren Graham revealed that the show is now called Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life.

We’re digging this. The previous title, Seasons, certainly made sense — because as you know since you’re living and breathing everything Gilmore right now — the revival will have four different episodes, each taking place during the four seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, and finally Fall. false

The title change to A Year in the Life also makes sense, and now doesn’t it kinda feel like we’re being invited to live the Gilmore life, too? This new title feels more personal, like one day we could grab coffee with Lorelai and Rory at Luke’s IRL, and not just in our imagination.

Netflix also tweeted out the new title, and cheekily refers to the fact that now the show is “official.” The image also has our two favorite words on it: COMING SOON. false


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