Netflix just dropped a brand new trailer for “Fuller House”

Have you been patiently waiting  for the first true glimpse of what Fuller House is going to look like when it lands on Netflix? Well, wait no more. The streaming site has released a true trailer for the brand new series, and it shows us all our favorite Tanners (and Katsopolis-es, one Gladstone, and a few Gibblers). Check it out.

Though short — super short, as in, 15 seconds short — the trailer gives us enough to hold us over till the end of February. It appears as if someone is moving into the former Full House house, and that someone is D.J. Fuller (née Tanner). She’s enlisted the whole family to help, or sort of help, seeing as how not all of them are lugging boxes around. Check out how Uncle Jesse jumps up to assist Aunt Becky after she’s already hauled some boxes inside, D.J. and Kimmy’s children are clearly bickering in the background, and Uncle Joey’s too preoccupied with Mr. Woodchuck to do much of anything.

And that dog. Still unnamed, so let’s go ahead and call him (or her!) Comet 2.0.

Excited yet? Go ahead and double check that your entire weekend of February 26th is free to binge.

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