Netflix is making its own singing reality version of The Hills, and can we binge it now?

After giving us more comedy and drama series than we could have imagined, Netflix is preparing to dive headfirst into the world of reality television. The streaming platform has already tested the waters of unscripted television, giving us the most essential reality TV series we’ll ever need in Queer Eye, along with the hilariously relatable cooking fail series Nailed It!, And according to Vulture, Netflix is looking to debut 50 new unscripted series this year. Can you believe?

But while the streaming platform is already home to two popular unscripted series, as well as talk shows from Joel McHale, David Letterman, and most recently, Michelle Wolf, Netflix is looking to expand across all corners of reality television.

Naturally, one of its highest profile new unscripted series is a cross between two of the most popular branches of reality TV: music competition and soapy reality dramas à la The Hills. Umm, can we add it to our queue now?

Our new favorite reality TV series, Westside, reportedly follows nine aspiring musicians living and making music together.

Calling the series a “docu-soap,” Jenn Levy, director of unscripted originals and acquisitions at Netflix, told Vulture, There’s character development and plotlines you find in some of our best scripted series. But it’s all done in a really raw and authentic way.”

While Westside is certainly tapping into our Bravo and 2006 MTV-obsessed hearts, it’s not the only unscripted series Netflix is hoping to bring to us soon.

While America is (unfortunately) nowhere near as familiar with panel shows as our friends in the U.K., Netflix is hoping we’ll get in board with The Fix. The panel series will feature British comedians Jimmy Carr (host of popular U.K. panel shows 8 Out of 10 Cats and Big Fat Quiz of the Year), Katherine Ryan, and D.L. Hughley. Along with guest panelists, they’ll try to solve major world issues — with comedy, of course. If you’re not familiar with panel shows, we recommend going down the YouTube rabbit hole because they’re so addicting.

Meanwhile, Netflix is continuing to tap into our obsession with cooking and baking shows, with Sugar Rush, a new fast-paced baking series that challenges incredible bakers to whip up delicious treats — all while racing the clock. No word on whether Dream Street (or A-Teens) has been booked to sing the theme.

We seriously can’t wait to see all the amazing and downright bonkers reality TV series Netflix is going to bring to our queues.

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