Netflix’s latest original movie is all about Lucy Hale and a Donkey Kong bong

Aria Montgomery may have long graduated from high school, but Lucy Hale isn’t *quite* done playing high schoolers just yet. Fresh off horror flick Truth or Dare, the actress is playing yet another high school senior in the upcoming Netflix movie Dude — only this time she’s trading in spring break nightmares for a Donkey Kong bong.

In the stoner coming-of-age film — which is aptly set to be released on 4/20 — Hale, Alexandra Shipp, Awkwafina, and Kathryn Prescott star as four weed-loving best friends preparing to graduate from high school.

The trailer opens with Hale’s Lucy being pulled over by the police with her beloved “Donkey Bong” sitting in plain view in the back seat. “Who you think you are, Willie Nelson? Even he got arrested,” the officer says to a sheepish Lucy. But potential drug arrests aside, the four plan to spend their final weeks of high school toking up and living their best lives. However, it seems the best friends are still struggling with the fact that their impending graduation means their time together is coming to an end as they prepare to embark on different paths after high school.

While Lucy has life planned out for her and Chloe (Prescott), who are both set to attend colleges in New York City, Chloe may not quite be on the same page as her “cruise director” of a best friend. But as they bury Donkey Bong, face the harsh realities of growing up, and prepare to move in different directions after high school, the four realize that the end of one era doesn’t necessarily mean the end of their friendship.

Check out the trailer for Dude:

This movie seems like the perfect combination of coming-of-age and stoner comedies — and we can definitely get behind that.

Dude also stars Alex Wolff, Michaela Watkins, and Jack McBrayer, and it hits Netflix on April 20th.

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