Netflix is apparently trying to distance itself from the phrase “binge-watching”

Netflix is reportedly consciously uncoupling with its most iconic phrase: for the better part of the last decade, watching Netflix has practically become synonymous with the term “binge-watching,” and the streaming platform has long embraced it…until now.

Netflix apparently asked its stars to avoid using the phrase altogether while promoting shows. The news came courtesy of Guy Pearce, who dropped the intel in an interview with Empire magazine’s film podcast. The Memento star, whose new series, The Innocents, debuted on Netflix on August 24th, revealed that the cast was specifically instructed to avoid using “binge-watching” while promoting the show in the U.S.

"I don’t think Netflix likes the term "binge," Pearce said, per IndieWire. "When we did the promotion for [The Innocents] in the [United States], we were strictly sort of instructed beforehand not to talk about ‘binge-watching.'"

The Alien: Covenant actor then joked that he officially “made an issue out of it” by revealing the news. While Pearce didn’t elaborate further as to why Netflix has decided to back off the term, he and host Chris Hewitt brainstormed new terminology for the streaming platform, including “marathon watch” and “elongated entertainment.” (Lol).

Netflix has yet to confirm its breakup with the term, but many outlets are already speculating that the streaming platform is dropping “binge-watching” in an attempt to further legitimize its original content.

What are your thoughts on this potential change up? And do you think “elongated entertainment” just might stick?

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