Netflix just created a remote that lets you control your television with your MIND

Have you ever wanted to throw away your remote control and control your TV with your mind? It may seem impossible to us regular people who don’t have The Force, but Netflix created a new kind of remote that lets you use your mind to control what you watch. 

Netflix recently held its annual Hack Day, an event where Netflix’s product development teams takes a break from their usual work and spend the day using new technologies and working with other Netflix employees. From Netflix Hack Day, Winter 2017, MindFlix was born.

Check out the full unveiling of MindFlix below:

Four Netflix product employees — Ben Hands, Sagar Patil, Steve Henderson, and Andy Law — used a Muse headband and ~literally~ mind blowing technology to show that remote controls will soon be a thing of the past. As part of its unveiling, the MindFlix was used on “the laziest man in the world,” aka, Team Member Law. 

Law sits on the couch watching Care Bears for hours because his remote control is too far away (despite being within arm reach). In swoops Patil with this amazing new technology that can help even the laziest person watch their favorite shows.

In order for it to work, the person must be wearing the MindFlix, using their head to move the cursor left to right or up and down. In order to play the show, the user must think “play” and the show or movie will begin playing. Sounds crazy (and awesome), right?

If you’re busy reaching for you credit cards to buy one of these yourself, we’ve got some bad news. MindFlix will probably not be available for purchase — at least not yet. Most of the time, things dreamed up during Hack Days never make it to production, but let’s hope that MindFlix breaks that pattern.

Netflix is already pretty good at reading our minds, and as if they really need to ask again, YES, we want to be able to binge using only our mind power!!

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